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You support babies from head to toe

Together we help to give every baby a fighting chance for the strongest start in life, and that begins with mom. The March of Dimes educates mom, provides effective tools and resources and shares health tips with the whole family. Thanks to your support, we're making a lasting impression on families and improving the health of all babies!


We fight premature birth — a baby's brain needs 39 weeks to fully develop.


We've funded the development of surfactant and nitric oxide, lifesaving therapies to many premature babies.


New treatments mean better survival rates for the tiniest heart patients.


Newborn screening — a drop of blood from baby's heel can save that baby's life.


We work to stop conditions such as retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) that can occur due to an early birth.


We've identified a gene responsible for oral cleft and are working on prevention.


Folic acid fortification and education equals fewer babies born with neural tube defects.