World Prematurity Day

Preterm birth and its complications are the largest contributors to infant death in the United States and globally. This urgent health crisis is significantly fueled by the health equity gap in our health care system today.

On November 17, World Prematurity Day, March of Dimes raises awareness of the global crisis of prematurity. You can join us to take action by:

  • Donating to support lifesaving research, advocacy and programs to improve the health of mom and babies.
  • Demanding #BlanketChange for policies that put moms and babies first.
  • Lighting it purple, including your office, lobby or the outside of your workplace or home. If you can wear it, make it purple, too.

Find out more about Prematurity Awareness Month, the 2021 March of Dimes Report Card and how together we can give every family get the best possible start.