Health professional education and training

35,284 people reached
46 chapters

Through Grand Rounds, professional conferences,nursing continuing education and online learning opportunities, the March of Dimes met the needs of more than 35,000 health professionals seeking timely, accurate and practical information to help provide the best possible care for their patients.

The March of Dimes provides content expertise and educational materials at the local level through a variety of mechanisms. Grand Rounds on topics such as neonatal abstinence syndrome, recurrence prevention and eliminating early elective deliveries bring the latest information directly to providers, while conferences bring providers from various institutions together to reinforce and share new information and examine issues such as the social determinants of health affecting specific populations.

CenteringPregnancy provider training

Several chapters, including Kansas, Massachusetts and Missouri, host or support annual perinatal conferences. The Colorado Chapter supports the annual L. Joseph Butterfield Perinatal Conference that provides a forum for perinatal health care professionals from Colorado and Wyoming to enhance and broaden knowledge of perinatal practice, and in Illinois, the chapter, in conjunction with the Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative and other stakeholders, provides hospitals and health care providers with virtual, online trainings to disseminate information on eliminating early elective deliveries.

In addition to technical expertise, print materials, and in-kind support that chapters provide to ensure professionals have the latest training and information, 73 grants were awarded in 2014 totaling $389,513 to support conferences, Grand Rounds and training on specific evidence based interventions, such as CenteringPregnancy, to assist in spreading programs that improve the health of moms and babies.