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Top 5 Things to Know about Preeclampsia, Low Dose Aspirin and Healthy Pregnancies

Watch this important It Starts With Mom conversation with California Surgeon General Dr. Diana E. Ramos, California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative Clinical Innovation Advisor Dr. Amanda Williams, March of Dimes President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, content creator and mom Demi Schweers, moderated by Jummy Olabanji, NBC4 Washington anchor.

You’ll hear ‘what you need to know’ about preeclampsia, low dose aspirin, and healthy pregnancies and about the launch of March of Dimes Low Dose, Big Benefits(™), a multi-year campaign aimed at decreasing the adverse effects of preeclampsia and preterm birth through the use of low dose aspirin. We’ll bridge information gaps, address misconceptions and promote understanding, and share tools to help empower individuals to make informed choices about their pregnancy and birth experiences.

What you need to know about low dose aspirin: English

Preeclampsia risk checklist: English, Spanish

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I’m an OB and this is what I tell my patients about vaccines

Join parenting influencer, Mariana Umana, for a conversation with OB-GYN influencer Dr. Nicole Sparks as they share important information about the role vaccines play in creating a healthy community. They’ll tackle misinformation, cultural and personal beliefs, and encourage listeners to work together with fact-based information to build a healthier community, one vaccination and immunization at a time.

Vaccine Community Conversation Guides: English, Spanish

Top 5 Things to You Need to Know About Doulas

Having a baby and becoming a mom can be both exciting and overwhelming! There are so many decisions you’ll make during pregnancy and after. Having a doula as part of your care and support team can make a big difference. 

But how?

Join us for an important conversation moderated by Good Morning America Weekend Co-anchor Janai Norman with March of Dimes President and CEO Dr. Elizabeth Cherot and doulas Sanyika Williams and Kayla Natalie to learn the Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Doulas.

Fact Sheet Download: English, Spanish


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What You Need to Know Before You Get Pregnant

As you begin to consider your motherhood journey, what’s important to know before you become pregnant? Having a healthy baby starts before you get pregnant. Together we’ll chat about mental health, cardiovascular issues, chronic health conditions, how to advocate for yourself, and much more.

If you’re planning to get pregnant soon or hope to in the future, it can be overwhelming. Download this takeaway from It Starts With Mom with some tips to help you on your journey. English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)

What You Need To Know When You're Pregnant

Baby (babies) on board, what’s important to know now that you are pregnant? Preeclampsia is a top individual risk factor for severe maternal morbidity, mortality and preterm birth and 1 in 7 pregnant women and 1 in 5 pregnant Black women experience hypertensive disorders. We’ll talk about the warning signs that something is wrong, what you can do to lower your risk, and why you should go to all of your prenatal visits.

If you’re pregnant, it can be overwhelming, but don’t worry—we’re here to help you advocate for yourself and your baby to get the care you both need to be healthy and strong. Download this takeaway from It Starts With Mom with some tips to help you on your journey. English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)

What You Need to Know After the Baby Arrives

Baby is here, what’s important to know now? Childbirth affects more than your physical health. Your mental wellbeing can also be affected by shifting hormones that trigger all sorts of emotions. But while 80 percent of new parents go through mild mood changes, including the baby blues, 15-20% will face more serious mental health issues. We’ll have an important discussion about postpartum depression and anxiety and how to get help without stigma or shame. English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)