Getting Healthy Before Pregnancy

9 Questions to Help You Get Your 9 Months

Nine months of a healthy pregnancy is the best gift you can give your future baby. To learn more, ask your doctor or nurse these 9 questions.
Nine months of a healthy pregnancy is the best gift you can give your future baby. There are things you can do, before you get pregnant, to help give your baby a better chance of a healthy and full-term birth.

Plan your pregnancy and see a doctor or nurse before and during pregnancy to talk about the following topics.

The March of Dimes list: 9 questions to ask your doctor or nurse before you get pregnant

What do I need to know about:

  1. Diabetes, high blood pressure, infections or other health problems?
  2. Medicines or home remedies?
  3. Taking a multivitamin pill with folic acid in it each day? 
  4. Getting to a healthy weight before pregnancy?
  5. Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking illegal drugs?
  6. Unsafe chemicals or other things I should stay away from at home or at work?
  7. Taking care of myself and lowering my stress
  8. How long to wait between pregnancies? (Ask your health care provider what's best for you.) 
  9. My family history, including premature birth? Premature birth is when your baby is born too early, before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy.

Special thanks to the celebrities Thalia and Heather Headley for helping the March of Dimes tell women about these 9 important questions.

The Video: Don't U Dare
Bella's roommate nominates her for a healthy makeover on a reality show. As Bella sits at her favorite coffee place, gulping down a huge caramel coffee topped with whipped cream, the March of Dimes crew strikes. She's busted! And the makeover begins. To tune in, click here.

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