Caring for Your Baby

Baby's First Year

From the moment of birth your baby is a developmental powerhouse waiting to explode. Follow little Kobe from his first moments of life to his first birthday and see the astonishing changes he undergoes.
January 30

Meet Kobe. He was born on January 30 at 1:35 am. Here he is on January 31, when he is about 36 hours old. He is a developmental powerhouse full of potential. Already he is alert and trying to figure out how things work in his new world. Most of his movements are uncoordinated or involuntary reflexes.

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almost two months
Almost Two Months
March 28

At 2 months, Kobe has already changed a lot. He's lost that newborn look. Kobe now has more control over his body. He is beginning to interact with his world.

six months
Six Months
August 10

Look at Kobe! He can sit up and may begin to crawl. At home, hes beginning to feed himself. He loves to play. At this age, most babies can roll over, grasp objects in their hands, and respond to their own name.

nine months
Nine Months
November 8

Watch out world, Kobe is mobile! He can get himself where he wants to go, and hes so proud of himself. He loves to play peek-a-boo. He can wave bye-bye and blow kisses to his mom when she goes to work.

one year
One Year
January 30

Happy birthday, Kobe! Hes cruising around the house, walking as he holds onto things. At this age, babies may take a few steps on their own. Although Kobe speaks only a few words, he can let his parents know what he wants with sounds and gestures.

January 2007

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