Implementation and technical data

March of Dimes "Healthy Babies, Healthy Business" customized micro-site is delivered over the public Internet from our hosting facility in NYC, and linked to your intranet. There is no software to install or maintain.

Seamless Integration into your intranet

You can seamlessly integrate your intranet's advanced capabilities directly to "My 9 Months."

4 Tips For Successful
(and Fast!) Implementation

  • Schedule an hour with your Intranet webmaster

  • Think about where you want to link to “My 9 Months”

  • Fill out the registration in “Get Started Now!”

  • Include marketing links and banners in your promotional plan

Now Web-based For Easy Implementation

The program is Web-based to dynamically serve your version of "My 9 Months." The implementation of this technology provides for the majority of the effort to be done at March of Dimes. As a result, you have very minimal implementation activities.

In order to link to the micro-site from your site, you need to place a single line of HTML code on your intranet. This line of code can be placed anywhere on your intranet from which you want to link to the “My 9 Months” content.

Here's an example of the line of code that will enable your Intranet to link to "My 9 Months" site: <A href=”> </A>

How to create a “My 9 Months” site for your company:

  1. Click on the “Get Started” link in the left navigation.
  2. Fill out the registration form.
    • Provide multiple contacts, if possible
    • Upload your organization logo
  3. The confirmation page will include the website link of the “My 9 Months” version that has been personalized for your organization.

“My 9 Months” becomes an integral part of your site.


Technical Features and Benefits


What it does

What it means to you

Any location

You can place the “My 9 Months” link anywhere on your site - in a newly created section, or in existing pages. You can place it in one location, or in many.

You control where the application is presented to your employees. You can fine-tune the applications's location to optimize employee access.

Internet Browsing Restricted

“My 9 Months” is created for you in a restricted environment.

Employees who visit “My 9 Months” can enjoy all of its benefits, but cannot access any other sites on the internet through it. They will stay within the site.

NOTE: We are currently able to link from “My 9 Months” to and

Flexible “entry points”

You can link to “My 9 Months” from different areas on your intranet.

You can optimize the employee experience, and enhance the application with value-add content and comments such as your company's commitment to providing employees access to information on health related issues.


There is an easy to use self-service interface application tool that allows you to customize the look of the "My 9 Months" application to blend with your branding.

You can link to “My 9 Months” and it will be consistent with the look and feel of your organization’s intranet.

Dynamic Integration

"My 9 Months" content is synchronized in real-time from the March of Dimes Web site.

You are not committing to additional work when new content is available — changes will automatically appear in your branded micro-site.

Your Next Steps...