HR marketing kit

Visit this page often for updated email marketing blurbs and copy, downloadable logos and link suggestions. Currently, there are:

Use the suggested copy below to promote healthy babies healthy business in your email or newsletter

Copy Blocks for email or newsletters
Copy and paste the following copy blocks into your email or paper-based newsletters to promote My 9 Months. Feel free to edit the copy to suit your company style and voice.

Announcement 1 – General
Tired of searching all over for trustworthy and up-to-date pregnancy information? Log on to [INTRANET NAME] for everything you need to learn about pregnancy and newborns.

Got questions? Get answers! The March of Dimes My 9 Months site is now live on [INTRANET NAME]! Log on today for trusted pregnancy content from the experts on healthy babies.

Announcement 2 – Pre-pregnancy
Thinking of having a baby? Now’s the time to start getting ready! What you and your partner do before you get pregnant will help your baby get the best start possible. Log on to [INTRANET NAME] to get My 9 Months from the March of Dimes for trusted up-to-date pre-pregnancy and pregnancy information!

Announcement 3 – Recently had a baby
Have you recently had a baby? Celebrate the new family addition and get helpful information about your newborn. Visit the March of Dimes My 9 Months site on [INTRANET NAME] today!

Use these logos in your newsletter or on your company intranet to promote My 9 Months. Link the banner directly to the page featuring My 9 Months.


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