Your donation matters

When you support March of Dimes with a gift, you're saying it's not fine that thousands of moms and babies deal with complications from pregnancy and preterm birth. But together we can do something about it. Your donation makes a REAL IMPACT FOR FAMILIES today and generations to come.

For a $50 donation we can

  • Give a month's supply of diapers to a military family
  • Celebrate and educate moms-to-be in communities of need and provide them baby items like swaddles, breast pumps, baby thermometers and other essential items
  • Support programs that include resources to help moms and moms-to-be-quit smoking

For a $75 donation we can

  • Provide newborn screening for a baby in a hospital through our advocacy work
  • Fund one hour of innovative prematurity research

For a $100 donation we can

  • Provide essential baby items such as a stroller or pack 'n play for women who complete a prenatal education program

For a $200 donation we can

  • Support a NICU family at their bedside to help them navigate the challenges of having a preterm baby

For a $300 donation we can

  • Shower a military mom with essential baby items and celebrate and educate her and her family

For a $500 donation we can

  • Help 5 families feel at ease in the NICU with support and education

For a $1,000 donation we can

  • Provide four moms-to-be access to our Supportive Pregnancy Care program where they receive prenatal care, support and education throughout their pregnancy
  • Comfort 100 families of babies in a NICU through educational materials and activities

For a $2,500 donation we can

  • Help 10 women access quality prenatal care
  • Provide on-demand training for staff at one hospital on topics to improve care and support, including easing parent trauma in the NICU and caring for the caregiver