Mothers March

Thank you for your interest in Mothers March! Mothers March is the first and longest-running March of Dimes fundraising event, with a rich and interesting history. It began in 1950 with a door-to-door campaign to fight polio, a battle that was won over five decades ago and has evolved into a campaign to give every baby a healthy start to life.

Over 60 years ago...

Parents in Phoenix, A.Z. organized a collection: "Turn on your porch light, fight polio tonight." In minutes, more than $45,000 was raised and the annual Mothers March Campaign was born. Funds raised through Mothers March help fund lifesaving research and programs that help give more babies a healthy start to life.


Volunteers are recruited over the phone and mailed special volunteer kits containing cards, letters and a list of neighbors. Volunteers are asked to address, stamp and mail letters to their neighbors, collect the donations and then return donations to the March of Dimes. Every year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers participate in this historic campaign, in communities all across America , to help raise funds and awareness.

Join Our Campaign

If you'd like to volunteer for a future Mothers March campaign please contact us. Or, please donate generously if you get a letter from a neighbor! Please send all donations to Mothers March to:

Mothers March Processing Center
P.O. Box 8944
Topeka, KS 66608-8944

Please include your name, address and volunteer ID number (if available) so we can properly acknowledge your efforts.