March of Dimes Mom & Baby Relief Fund

When natural disasters strike, the entire community suffers. Rebuilding broken homes, infrastructure and civil services takes extraordinary time and effort. This process is even harder for pregnant women and families with vulnerable infants.

Expectant mothers and families with infants – especially those with babies born too sick or too soon -- have unique needs during a recovery effort: from specialized diapers to feminine hygiene products, NICU assistance to formula and breastfeeding support, and even a safe place for baby to sleep.

March of Dimes knows what moms and babies need to thrive. As the leading organization for pregnancy and baby health, we are uniquely positioned to respond to those needs before, during and after an emergency.

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma caused catastrophic damage leaving families displaced without supplies, NICU babies often separated from their families after being transferred to hospitals outside of storm zones, families were left with no power or worse, no homes to return to and so much more. And, during the heavy rains, flooding, power outages and gale-force winds, we were asked, and we asked ourselves, “how can we support moms and babies?”

March of Dimes has created the March of Dimes Moms & Baby Relief Fund to support the immediate and longer-term health, safety and material needs of moms and babies impacted by Harvey, Irma and future natural disasters. Powered by 80 years of health expertise, as well as, our local staff and volunteers and a national network of hospitals, community health and national partners - we are working to ensure every mom and baby have the brightest tomorrow.


Due to flooding, power outages and infrastructure damage, local hospitals, NICUs and nonprofit partners have asked us to support local relief and recovery efforts on the ground.


All donations to the March of Dimes Mom and Baby Relief Fund will support the immediate and ongoing relief efforts for expectant mothers, infants and families impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Funds will be used to immediately support the material needs of moms and babies as identified by local staff, local hospital and healthcare partners, as well as, disaster response agencies. This may include, but is not limited to providing clean water; diapers and baby hygiene essentials; breastfeeding and nursing equipment; baby formula and bottle supplies; feminine hygiene products; safe sleeping arrangements for baby; take home kits for moms being discharged from hospitals; transportation and hotel stays for displaced parents with children in NICUs; clothing, essentials, and basic health care products and much more.

Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted organizations responding to this disaster, as well as disaster preparedness for families.

Long-term impact

For more than 80 years, moms, babies and families have benefited from the March of Dimes research, advocacy, education and programs. With hundreds of local offices across the country, we live in the communities that we support and partner with a range of local health organizations and hospitals to help moms and babies. We believe that our collaborative and partner-based approach allows us to better assess the needs of moms and babies across the country while helping to convene and prepare local partners to respond to the unique needs of moms and babies after disaster strikes.

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