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Stories that inspire us

#UnspokenStories is a community where stories of pregnancy, parenting and loss—the ones that often go unshared—are told honestly. There’s strength in our collective voice! Hear the stories of others and learn how to host your own Unspoken Conversation.

Explore the inspiring journey of the Kilgore family as they navigate challenges and triumphs on the path to a healthier pregnancy.

Support NICU families and babies like Lauren's by joining Giving Day. March of Dimes empowers their potential through research and care.

From unexpected premie births to NICU challenges, one dad's journey through uncertainty, strength, and support. Read Kyle Daddio's inspiring story.

America needs paid family leave. Tara Marie's journey highlights the challenges of maternity leave. Support moms, babies, and families. Donate now.

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When you donate to March of Dimes, you are helping fund the research, programs, support, and advocacy needed to turn the maternal and infant health crisis around and improve mom and baby health. Donate today!

Fueled by generous support from all of our partners, we've achieved great strides in research advancements, advocacy wins, innovative program expansion, and access to care for women. But there's still so much to do—join us!

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