A New Resource: Pregnant and Working During COVID-19 and Beyond

September 4, 2020

Happy Labor Day! Today we celebrate the contributions and achievements workers have made to the development of this country.

Did you know that approximately two-thirds of pregnant women and new moms are in the workforce?  And some of the top occupations held by pregnant women are teachers, nurses, cashiers, administrative assistants and home health aides. In the time of COVID-19, we might call those front line or essential workers. In addition to concerns around coronavirus exposures, many of these jobs also involve a great deal of standing, repetitive motions, long hours and few breaks. All these conditions have been associated with increased risks of preterm birth and low birth weight. So what can you do if you are working and pregnant? 

March of Dimes in partnership with an organization called A Better Balance has created a new factsheet titled Pregnant and Working During COVID-19 and Beyond and focuses on asking for pregnancy accommodations. A pregnancy accommodation is a workplace accommodation that is a temporary adjustment to your current job or work environment that allows you to maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy. The factsheet covers examples of accommodations, how to ask for accommodations and more. To learn more visit marchofdimes.org