Pregnancy brings many changes—but they don’t only happen for the birthing parent. Those who identify as dads have an important role before, during and after pregnancy. Whether it’s helping with finding a prenatal care provider, going to prenatal checkups, or providing support during labor and after birth, fatherhood is filled with lots of different experiences and emotions—especially during a pandemic.

As a dad, it’s important that you keep yourself and your partner healthy every step of the way. This means caring for your emotional and mental health as much as you care for your physical health. If you're healthy, the more likely your partner and baby will be, too. Not sure where to start when it comes health and fatherhood? Check out some of the resources March of Dimes offers:

Becoming a dad video series:

Take a look at these other tools that can help support you and your partner during this new journey:

Becoming a dad worksheet: A guide with questions you can ask yourself and talk through with your partner as you continue on your journey to fatherhood.

March of Dimes birth plan: Fill out this birth plan with your partner. Then share it with your partner’s provider and with the nurses at the hospital or birthing center where you plan to have your baby.

Warning signs of health problems after birth: Lots changes happen after giving birth, including discomforts. But some discomforts can actually be signs and symptoms of complications that can be life threatening. As your partner heals from giving birth, you can keep an eye out for warning signs. Doing so can save your partner’s life. For more information visit