Genetic Issues for Perinatal Nurses, 3rd Edition (2010)

Provides the perinatal nurse with basic knowledge of and information about genetics and genomics to incorporate into nursing practice. Presents genetics and genomics terminology and concepts. Describes prenatal and newborn genetic screening and genetic diagnostic testing, including predictive, prenatal and carrier testing. Discusses the role of genetics and genomics in preventing birth defects. 5.0 contact hours are available for this activity through 12/31/17. Contact hours may be extended following content review. Visit for the most current CNE information. (2010; content reviewed in 2015) NCC codes: INP-3, LRN-3, MNN-1, NIC-2, NNP-2 WHC-3. Neither the authors nor any member of the planning committee for this activity has any financial, professional or personal relationships that could potentially bias the content.

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