Assessment of Risk in the Term Newborn, 2nd Edition

Provides perinatal and neonatal health care providers with essential, evidence-based information to assess a newborn’s physiologic adaptation to extrauterine life, assess for infectious or metabolic disorders and positively support development. Gestational age assessment, physical assessment and newborn behavior patterns are discussed. The module outlines nursing management during the early newborn period, including identification of risk factors, and assessment, monitoring and intervention during hospitalization and postdischarge follow-up. 6.4 contact hours are available for this activity through 12/31/15. Contact hours may be extended following content review. Visit for the most current CNE information. (2008; content reviewed in 2013) NCC codes: INP-5, LRN-2, MNN-3, NIC-1, NNP-1 Neither the authors nor any member of the planning committee for this activity has any financial, professional or personal relationships that could potentially bias the content.

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