Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use in Childbearing Families (2008)

Provides an overview of the extent and impact of tobacco, alcohol and other drug use by pregnant women in the United States and gives nurses evidence-based strategies to support families dealing with these issues. Presents current knowledge about the effects of commonly used substances on maternal and child health. Describes major nursing strategies for assessment, intervention and referral of pregnant women and newborns. Discusses social and ethical issues that complicate the care of these families. 5.3 contact hours are available for this activity through 12/31/15. Contact hours are not available for this activity. Visit for the most current CNE information.(2008; content reviewed in 2013) NCC codes: INP-3, LRN-1, MNN-3, NIC-2, NNP-2 WHC-2B. Neither the authors nor any member of the planning committee for this activity has any financial, professional or personal relationships that could potentially bias the content.

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