Our core values

At March of Dimes we strive to work and act according to our core values and seek to employ individuals who share them.

Champion equity and inclusion

  • Encourage diverse perspectives across all communities
  • Be the voice of health equity for all moms and babies

Accept and expect accountability

  • Take responsibility for exceptional outcomes
  • Be open to new ideas and be willing to adapt to succeed

Be authentic

  • Be bold, take informed risks and speak up and toward these core values
  • Use your passion to take action for families

Build and nurture trusted relationships

  • Listen to one another and acknowledge unique contributions
  • Honor commitments to fellow staff, outside partners and the public

Tell the story

  • Learn and practice the art of telling stories of impact and emotional connection
  • Share personal journeys, including those of families affected by our mission

Lead fearlessly

  • Strive for continual innovation and inspire others to follow
  • Be an example of the change we wish to see in the world