Learning and development

We strive to foster loyalty, commitment and lifelong engagement by creating a culture of enrichment, learning and fulfillment for all staff where a career with March of Dimes is the best choice.

Our goal is to continuously identify how staff can build required skills to be successful in their roles and maximize performance. We strive to be forward-thinking and address changing business needs, emerging "hot skills," and provide an integrated and multi-faceted approach to individualized learning and development.

As a new employee of March of Dimes you will participate in a New Hire Orientation that will provide you with an overview of our organization and introduce you to the resources that will help to ensure your success. As you navigate your career at March of Dimes, you will have an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive professional development training program that is structured to build upon your skills, empower and elevate your career, and deepen your impact. You will have access to our robust elearning platform populated with inspiring and diversified learning opportunities.