Become a youth volunteer leader

March of Dimes provides opportunities for youth to get involved as leaders in many ways. From serving on our top to being a team captain for March for Babies, there is a leadership opportunity for you.

National Collegiate Leadership Council 

The National Collegiate Leadership Council is a Council of 15-17 college students who have been selected because of their demonstrated leadership ability and their potential for service to March of Dimes. The purpose of the National Collegiate Leadership Council is to mobilize their peers, fundraise, advise the March of Dimes in the design and implementation of programs targeted to young people, and recruit other young leaders to get invovled. 

To apply, please fill out this application by October 16.

March for Babies Leadership

Join our signature fundraising event March for Babies as a walker, and take it to the next step by becoming a team captain for a youth team. You can lead a March for Babies Kick Off to motivate youth involvement; work with the March for Babies chair and committee and local staff to increase youth visibility and participation; and serve as a spokesperson for the event throughout the campaign for elementary, middle and high schools or area college campuses.