Emergency care plan

Make a written care plan in case of an emergency with your baby. 

Ask your baby's health care provider to help you develop it. Keep copies of the plan in your home. Give a copy to anyone who cares for your baby. Be sure all caregivers have this important information. The plan should include the following:

  • Your child's name
  • Your child's birth date
  • Your name and your contact information
  • Your child's primary health care provider and specialists
  • The preferred hospital for treatment
  • The phone number of the poison control center in your area (ask your baby's health care provider for this information or see the Web site of the American Association of Poison Control Centers)
  • The phone number of the nearest emergency room

The plan should also include descriptions of:

  • Your child's medical conditions
  • Your child's medications, including any emergency drugs
  • Any allergies your child has (medications, food, etc.)
  • The food your child eats

On the plan, include anything that you think will help someone who is caring for your child in an emergency.

Last reviewed: November, 2013