Vaccine Advocacy

March of Dimes is calling on families to learn more about the importance of vaccinations and calling on legislators to address vaccine exemptions in their states. We need to protect more families across the country from preventable infectious disease.  

Federal and professional guidelines recommend childhood and adolescent immunizations to protect against a wide range of infections whose consequences can include disease, permanent disabilities and death. Yet, government policies that support vaccine exemptions do not match public opinion and are putting communities at risk.  

Join us in asking for state legislators to eliminate non-medical vaccine exemptions. 

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A new survey from March of Dimes shows: 

  • 3 in 4 Americans believe physician recommended vaccinations are safe.
  • Only 19% of the general public support non-medical vaccine exemptions. Non-medical vaccine exemptions allow for a significant number of people to skip vaccinations, putting themselves and others in the community at risk of getting serious diseases. 
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a shift in attitudes with 26% of Americans who previously supported non-medical vaccine exemptions saying they now believe that vaccines are an important public safety tool.

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