Move over, storks -- make way for a new method of delivery, in April Fool’s Day video from March of Dimes

March 31, 2017

Creating a completely unsolicited new approach to delivering babies, a March of Dimes sub-sub-sub-subcommittee of sideways thinkers has devised a system of replacing the traditional stork-based delivery method with aerial drones.

“We know everyone loves the stork, but times change. Industries across the world are being disrupted by technology so we’ve taken millions of years of evolution and made it even better,” says Dr. Iyotta Nomore, who had virtually nothing to do with the project.

In the Method of Delivery (MOD) system, babies will be transported from their point of origin safely and effectively, while saving money by reducing the cost of frogs, fish, insects, earthworms and other small creatures that large, bill-clattering storks consume.

The team responsible for the innovation are not scientists, but wayward staff members dressed as scientists wearing lab coats and talking into stethoscopes.  Actual researchers and Nobel Prize-winning scientists are hard at work at March of Dimes solving very real and serious questions about birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

View the April Fool’s Day drone Method of Delivery video at to learn more, share it, and then promptly return to watching videos of cats falling asleep in funny places.