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Volunteer Leaders

  • We are steeped in a tradition of volunteer leadership
  • We are renowned as a great organization for volunteer leaders
  • We are known for gathering the power of volunteers to meet our goals
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The March of Dimes Volunteer Leadership Institute

To ensure March of Dimes Foundation volunteer leaders have rewarding, productive opportunities to learn and grow at all levels of the Foundation, the Foundation designed its Volunteer Leadership Institute. The Volunteer Leadership Institute provides opportunities for personal and professional growth for our key volunteer leaders through training programs, resources and initiatives. It is designed to foster discussion and collaboration between volunteer peers and staff partners that helps build chapter capacity. By providing targeted training, curriculum, tools and campaigns, March of Dimes volunteer leaders--specifically chapter and division board members--are better empowered to turn ideas into action, leading their March of Dimes chapter to success.

The cornerstone of the Institute is the March of Dimes Executive Leadership Program, a 21-credit certification training program. The Executive Leadership Program provides mission and revenue coursework related to the Foundation’s strategic plan and top priorities, providing volunteers with expertise in all aspects of the March of Dimes. This program is a testament to the March of Dimes commitment to ensuring our volunteers have rewarding, productive opportunities to learn and grow at all levels of the Foundation.

The coursework is available through five modules organized into a series of prerequisites; a board orientation; coursework on mission and advocacy; volunteer leadership development; and revenue. Courses are offered at the convenience of our volunteers through live and recorded webinars, online self study and specialized retreat and board meeting programs.

If you are a current March of Dimes board member, please ask your staff partner for more information about the March of Dimes Executive Leadership Program and start taking courses today!

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Volunteer Leadership Institute

Find out about our volunteer leadership program.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a volunteer leader, will I be working with other volunteers and March of Dimes staff members on these programs, events and projects?

Yes, at the March of Dimes, our volunteers and staff work in partnership on all areas.

Does the March of Dimes have year-round volunteer activities?

We have volunteer activities available throughout the year, including some special highlight programs - March for Babies® and our Prematurity Awareness Month® activities. We hold our March for Babies events in communities around the country during the last weekend in April. Our Prematurity Awareness Month activities are held in November. Both are an exciting way for volunteers to learn more about our efforts. Find out more ways to help [hyper linked to volunteer match window] by matching your interest and our events.

How can I get more information about serving as a March of Dimes board member or other volunteer leader?

For more information about serving in a leadership role with the March of Dimes, please contact your local chapter office.

How much time would I expect to serve?

Each volunteer opportunity will have its own set of responsibilities and hours required based on the assignment. This commitment can be coordinated with your local March of Dimes staff partner.

What type of volunteer leadership roles are available?

Whether it is serving as a member of one of our local chapter boards, as a special event chair or serving as a member of our Program Services Committee , there are a wide range of volunteer positions available. March of Dimes works to accommodate every volunteer leader based on their passion, skills and interests. To further explore these opportunities, we encourage you to contact your local chapter office.

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