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Prenatal planning (3 months)

The 12-month pregnancy

Activity: Pregnancy is now 12 months (PDF, 59kb)
Worksheet: Pregnancy is now 12 months – student (PDF, 36kb)
Worksheet: Pregnancy is now 12 months – teacher (PDF, 58kb)

Selecting medical professionals

Article: Choosing your prenatal care provider
Activity: Are you ready for a baby (PDF, 71kb)

Nutrition and exercise

Article: Keep moving, for yourself and your baby
Article and video: Overweight and obesity during pregnancy
Article: 10 steps for getting a healthy pregnancy
Article: Folic acid before you’re pregnant
Activity: Folic acid quiz – student (PDF, 50kb)
Activity: Folic acid quiz – teacher (PDF, 51kb)
Article and video: Folic acid for a healthy pregnancy and baby
Article: Vitamins and minerals during pregnancy

Financial considerations

Article: Are you ready financially?

Medical counseling and testing

Article: Genetic counseling
Article: Birth defects: what they are and how they happen
Activity: Birth defects exercise 1 (PDF, 68kb)
Activity: Birth defects exercise 2 (PDF, 63kb)
Article: Sexually transmitted infections

Health hazards to avoid

Article: Smoking during pregnancy
Article: Marijuana
Article: Ecstasy, methamphetamine and other amphetamines
Article and video: Drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Importance of father’s role

Dad matters

Article: Becoming a dad
Article: Helping out during pregnancy

Pregnancy (9 months)

Health matters

Article: The ABCs of a healthy pregnancy
Activity: Pregnancy (PDF, 55kb)
Article: Getting pregnant
Article: How will you know you’re pregnant?
Article and videos: How your baby grows
Activity: How your baby grows (PDF, 66kb)

Health and healthy habits

Article and video: Eating the right foods for you and your baby
Activity: Eating healthy (PDF, 57kb)
Article: Vitamins and minerals during pregnancy
Article: Weight gain during pregnancy
Activity: Weight gain during pregnancy (PDF, 59kb)
Article and video: Overweight and obesity during pregnancy
Article: Breast changes
Article: Stress
Article: Contractions
Article: Fatigue
Article: Exercise during pregnancy
Article: Conditions that make exercise dangerous during pregnancy
Article: Prenatal care helps keep you and your baby healthy

Preparing for the baby

Article: Childbirth education classes
Article: Baby makes three. Are you ready?

Childbirth methods

Article: Home birth
Article and video: C-section: Medical reasons
Article: C-section by request
Article: Inducing labor
Article: Induction by request
Article: Why at least 39 weeks is best for your baby

Labor and delivery

It’s time

Article: When baby is really on the way
Article and video: Signs of labor
Article and video: Stages of labor
Article and video: Coping with labor pain


Article and video: Stages of labor

Hospital care

Article and video: At the hospital

Complications of delivery

Article: Signs and symptoms of preterm labor and what to do

Newborn screening

Article and video: Recommended newborn screening tests

Bonding with baby

Article: Newborn care in the delivery room

Postnatal care for mom and baby

What you need to know

Article: How your body changes after birth
Article and videos: Baby’s home. What now?

Premature birth

About premature birth

Article: The serious problem of premature birth
Activity: Prematurity statistics (PDF, 56kb)
Activity: March of Dimes milestones (PDF, 62kb)
Article: The emotional toll
Article: Premature birth report card


Article: Premature labor and birth: A serious pregnancy complication


Article: Continuing medical care
Activity: Try breathing like a preemie (PDF, 64kb)
Article: Getting services for your baby


FCCLA Star Event: Focus on Children (PDF, 63kb)
Glossary (PDF, 63kb)

Most common questions

Do you have lesson plans and curriculum for students?

For the middle school and early high school audience, check out our Teen-2-Teen program. This three part video series, along with a full curriculum, allows teachers, high school students and other community leaders to share healthy lifestyles information with middle school students and 9th graders.

How can I get involved?

  • Contact your local March of Dimes office and find out if they have any current programs for students.
  • Join March for Babies by visiting - start a new team for your school, campus or club! Or simply ask a few friends to join in your walk for healthy babies.
  • Use the resources on this site to plan your own fundraiser or awareness event, and contact if you need any help!
  • What does the March of Dimes offer youth?

    Enriching and enduring lifelong experiences through opportunities to:

    • Build leadership skills
    • Network among like-minded student leaders nationwide
    • Give back to communities and make a difference locally
    • Become involved in meaningful civic engagement, including advocating for local and national policies
    • Be educated about a healthy lifestyle today and in the future
    • Earn community service credits and enhance resume
    • Develop public speaking skills while building character and self-confidence

    Who is part of March of Dimes Team Youth?

  • One million youths nationwide are supporting the March of Dimes mission, and all of these volunteers fall under our umbrella term "Team Youth."
  • From elementary school to college, students and teachers/advisers have joined together to reach the day when every baby is born healthy.
  • We have many national service partners and youth organizations who have partnered with the March of Dimes.
  • By volunteering for the March of Dimes, you are a part of Team Youth!
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