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  • Ordinary families doing extraordinary things to help babies
  • People sharing their story across the country to raise awareness
  • Volunteers showing others why it is so important to get involved
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Faces of the March of Dimes mission

Each year the March of Dimes selects a special child whose life was saved by our research, programs or educational campaigns to give a face to our mission. As a living symbol of the March of Dimes mission to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality, the National Ambassador plays a vital role in our efforts to save babies. 

Our National Ambassadors & Poster Children

2015: Elijah Jackson
2014: Aidan Lamothe
2013: Nina Centofantoi
2012: Kieran Wittstruck
2011: Lauren Fleming
2010: Joshua Hoffman
2009: Katelyn Hall
2008: Catharine Aboulhouda
2007: Zeek Taylor
2006: Alexa Ostolaza
2005: Navy Anderson
2004: Amanda Reeves
2003: Emma Nichole Henderson
2001-2002: Justin Lamar Washington
2000: Mackenzie Ryan Brooks
1999: Kelsey Adams
1998: T. J. Stallbaumer
1997: Cody Groce
1996: Marissa Shaevel
1995: Devin Knight
1994: Neil and Jacquelin Burch
1993: Jessica Hope Gordon
1992: Edward Michael Eissey
1991: Laura Krumwiede
1990: Lindsay Tharp
1989: Sarah Park
1988: Ashley Hovey
1987: Gretchen Rosenkranz & Tony Voyles
1986: Scott Cunningham
1985: Kristen Ellis
1984: Helen Humphrey
1983: Ben Hill
1982: Richard J. Wagner
1981: Melissa (Missy) Jablonski
1980: Betsy Burch
1979: Melanie Brockington
1978: Denise Nankivell
1977: Robbie Zastavny
1976: Tammy Renee Patterson
1975: Jamie Gay Weaver
1974: Marty Mim Mack
1973: Paula Marie Pfeifer
1972: Carmen Donesa
1970-1971: Marty Mim Mack
1969: Tracy Greenwood
1968: Timmy Faas
1967: Donna Dill
1966: Lori Ann Wagner
1965: Mickey Heinicke
1964: Mary Lou Graves
1963: Jimmy Boggess
1962: Debbie Sue Brown
1961: Linda Gail Breese
1960: Mary Beth Pyron
1959: Doreen Yisha, Jeffrey Reil, Pamela Henry
1958: Solomon Family
1957: Marlene Olsen
1956: Tommy Woodward
1955: Mary Kosloski
1954: Debby Dains
1953: Pamela & Patricia O’Neil
1952: Larry Gross
1951: Larry McKenzie
1950: Wanda Wiley
1949: Linda Brown
1948: Terry Tullos
1947: Nancy Drury
1946: Donald Anderson
1942: Jerry King 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are National Ambassador Families chosen?

Families are nominated by local chapters in the spring. One family is choosen by March of Dimes leadership.

How can I become a March of Dimes Ambassador?

Contact your local March of Dimes chapter.

How does my family get involved with March of Dimes?

  • Join our online community
  • Register for March for Babies
  • Become an Ambassador Family: Ambassador children and their families bring a face to the mission of the March of Dimes for your coworkers, friends and sponsors. Ambassador Family members can tell the story of how their lives have been touched by the March of Dimes. Then people can hear and see the connection between their efforts, the well-being of the child standing in front of them, and the health of thousands of other children across the country. Contact your local March of Dimes chapter today.

What is a March of Dimes Ambassador?

  • A family or individual who shares their story to inspire others and raise awareness
  • Celebrities touched by the mission or who are passionate about giving back and raising awareness for stronger healthier babies
  • Prominent community leaders advocating for our mission

What is the National Ambassador Family Program?

The National Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for a volunteer family to help convey the mission of the March of Dimes by sharing their personal experience in publicity and appearances. The family donates its time, and appearances are scheduled through the National Office for chapters that request the National Ambassador Family to visit.

Throughout the year, the National Ambassador Family travels across the country to hundreds of meetings, special events, conferences, and fundraising activities, sharing their compelling story with millions of Americans.

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