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Team Youth

  • We have volunteer opportunities for students and advisors of all ages.
  • Youth can get involved in awareness, fundraising and advocacy.
  • Team Youth includes all volunteers from elementary to college.

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Become a youth volunteer leader

March of Dimes provides opportunities for youth to get involved as leaders in many ways. From serving on our top National Youth Council to being a youth team captain for March for Babies, there is a leadership opportunity for you.

National Youth Council
The National Youth Council is a committee of 19 college students who have been selected because of their demonstrated leadership ability and their potential for service to the March of Dimes Foundation. The purpose of the National Youth Council is to assist the March of Dimes in the design and implementation of programs targeted to young people.

Our 2013-2014 National Youth Council Executive Committee:

Hilary Wright, University of Southern California - Chair
Dylan Conn, Stanford University - Vice Chair
Lindsey Hiebert, Yale University - Vice Chair

Our 2013-2014 National Youth Council members:

Akshay  Thaper, Rutgers University
Anastasia Morrison, Clemson University
Bernadette Lim, Harvard University
Brent Comstock, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Caroline McKnight, University of Florida
Donnie Iorio, The University of South Carolina
Drew Marx, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hannah Fagen, University of Pennsylvania
Joey Platt, Kansas State University
Laura Nguyen, Texas A&M University
Morgan Croft, University of Minnesota-Duluth
Ronak Gandhi, University of Pennsylvania
Sabhya Gupta, College of New Jersey
Taylor Sarman, Oregon State University
Victoria Given, College of Charleston
XinLei (Tony) Wang, Stanford University

Chain Reaction & Collegiate Council
Chain Reactions (high school) and Collegiate Councils (college) are student groups that exist to conduct year-round activities to support the March of Dimes mission. These groups provide young people with meaningful learning experiences while building the volunteer force that will help the March of Dimes accomplish its goals today and lead the Foundation into the future.

March for Babies Leadership
Join our signature fundraising event March for Babies as a walker, and take it to the next step by becoming a team captain for a youth team. You can lead a March for Babies Youth Kick Off to motivate youth involvement; work with the March for Babies chair and committee and local staff to increase youth visibility and participation; and serve as a spokesperson for the event throughout the campaign for elementary, middle and high schools or area college campuses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lesson plans and curriculum for students?

For the middle school and early high school audience, check out our Teen-2-Teen program. This three part video series, along with a full curriculum, allows teachers, high school students and other community leaders to share healthy lifestyles information with middle school students and 9th graders.

How can I get involved?

  • Contact your local March of Dimes office and find out if they have any current programs for students.
  • Join March for Babies by visiting - start a new team for your school, campus or club! Or simply ask a few friends to join in your walk for healthy babies.
  • Use the resources on this site to plan your own fundraiser or awareness event, and contact if you need any help!
  • What does the March of Dimes offer youth?

    Enriching and enduring lifelong experiences through opportunities to:

    • Build leadership skills
    • Network among like-minded student leaders nationwide
    • Give back to communities and make a difference locally
    • Become involved in meaningful civic engagement, including advocating for local and national policies
    • Be educated about a healthy lifestyle today and in the future
    • Earn community service credits and enhance resume
    • Develop public speaking skills while building character and self-confidence


    Who is part of March of Dimes Team Youth?

  • One million youths nationwide are supporting the March of Dimes mission, and all of these volunteers fall under our umbrella term "Team Youth."
  • From elementary school to college, students and teachers/advisers have joined together to reach the day when every baby is born healthy.
  • We have many national service partners and youth organizations who have partnered with the March of Dimes.
  • By volunteering for the March of Dimes, you are a part of Team Youth!
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