Info for your patients

Patient education is key to improving the health of moms and babies. Backed by 70 years of experience, the March of Dimes offers a wide range of resources for patients that promote healthy behaviors and improve their chances of carrying their babies to full term.

Continuing education

The March of Dimes offers a wide range of education opportunities for health professionals. Nurses can stay current on maternal and infant health and fulfill their continuing education requirements with print and online modules.

Medical resources

Find extensive resources from the March of Dimes on key topics like preconception health and care, folic acid, newborn screening and genetics. Materials are reviewed and updated by medical experts to ensure you and your patients are receiving accurate and timely information.

Scholarships and grants

Every year the March of Dimes provides millions of dollars in grants, scholarships and awards that promote research, education for professionals, and community programs designed to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of babies.

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