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Info for your patients

  • The March of Dimes provides health information for families.
  • Our website provides information on pregnancy and baby care.
  • Our prenatal curriculum is called Becoming a Mom.
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Most important health messages

For all women
Take a multivitamin with 400 micrograms of folic acid every day and eat healthy foods. Folic acid can protect babies against birth defects and may protect women against heart disease.

For the woman who is trying to get pregnant

To learn more about preconception, visit Folic acid, Get ready for pregnancy and Trying to get pregnant.

For the pregnant woman

To learn more about pregnancy, visit Your pregnant body, Prenatal care, Eating and nutrition, Physical activity, Emotional and life changes, Staying safe, Alcohol and drugs, Get ready for labor, Vaginal birth, C-section, Pregnancy complications and Preterm labor.

Product catalog

Order health materials in English and Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the March of Dimes have a prenatal curriculum?

Yes. Our curriculum Becoming a Mom™/Comenzando bien® is designed to be used with pregnant women in a supportive group setting. Nine sessions present information on topics such as prenatal care, nutrition, stress, labor and birth, postpartum care, and newborn care. The curriculum, available in English and Spanish, provides lesson plans, participant handouts and suggestions on how to adapt the curriculum for different cultural groups.

Does the March of Dimes have any materials for families who have lost a baby?

Yes. The March of Dimes publishes a series of booklets that address the emotional issues of losing a child. Topics include the grieving process, family and friends, remembering the child, and deciding whether to have another baby. Sensitively written and beautifully designed, these materials provide comfort and support to families in need.

Does the March of Dimes publish patient education materials about pregnancy and baby care?

Yes. Our product catalog describes our materials, which are available at reasonable prices in English and Spanish. Topics covered include preconception health, pregnancy, preterm birth, baby care, genetics and birth defects. Many of our brochures and booklets are written at a 5th- to 7th- grade reading level to simplify even the most complicated health information. Our goal is to provide health care professionals and employers with products to help improve the health of mothers and babies.

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