Loss and Grief

Pregnancy loss

Pregnancy loss includes miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth and other conditions that cause a pregnancy to end before birth. Many women have these kinds of losses. Most can get pregnant again and go on to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Even so, pregnancy loss can be heartbreaking. You may not have had the chance to touch or hold your baby, but you may still need time to grieve and heal.

Newborn loss

Newborn death can be caused by prematurity, birth defects and other health problems. Regardless of the cause, a baby’s death is one of the most painful things that can happen to a family. You may be overwhelmed by your feelings of loss.  You and your family may need help to understand why your baby died. And you may need support to find ways to deal with your grief and ease your pain.

Dealing with grief

Grief is all the feelings you have when someone close to you dies. It’s normal to have feelings of grief, even with an early miscarriage. Learning how people grieve and thinking about ways to remember your baby can help ease your pain and get ready to think about the future.

Coping with loss

Information for grieving families.

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