Teaming together to help moms and babies

National sponsors of our largest event, March for Babies®, are among our most loyal supporters, many with a history of longstanding and consistent support. This group of premier companies conducts highly integrated partnerships and campaigns that educate participants, consumers, customers and other key audiences. Many also conduct fundraising campaigns and form corporate teams, ensuring that everyone from the boardroom to the break room is involved in the event and gets the message about stronger, healthier babies. In 2011, these sponsors annually generate more than $35 million. We thank them for their commitment and passion in supporting our mission.

Most common questions

How does March of Dimes do as a brand?

March of Dimes is a premier nonprofit brand and a very strong nonprofit partner. The organization has a track record of achieving marketing and business objectives with its clients through its diverse portfolio of events and programs.

  • March of Dimes is #1 recognized major health charity by moms
  • March of Dimes is the #2 recognized major health charity by women

SOURCE: Gallup, 2008 and 2009

What standards does the March of Dimes go by?

March of Dimes strongly adheres to the standards of the National Health Council and the Better Business Bureau’s Standards for Charity Accountability

What's required to be a partner or sponsor?

All partnerships and sponsorships do require a letter of agreement (contract) before an affiliation or promotion is granted. A fact sheet is provided for reference and the Strategic Partnership Questionnaire is the first step in working together for stronger, healthier babies as a Partner or Sponsor.


Actavis, Inc., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, joined in partnership with the March of Dimes in 2011. Together, their goal is to raise awareness about the risk factors for preterm birth. In 2013, Actavis is once again a national sponsor of March for Babies. 



Cigna prides itself on helping all the individuals it serves use their unique strengths to achieve their full potential. Its commitment to helping individuals improve their health and well-being is demonstrated by its 18 consecutive years as national partner of the March of Dimes and national sponsorship of March for Babies. The company and its employees have contributed more than $27 million to improve the health of babies and their families, and foster healthier communities. Additionally, Cigna's dedicated employees serve on local March of Dimes chapter boards and offer energetic support for March of Dimes special events throughout the year. 

Famous Footwear

National March for Babies sponsor Famous Footwear is a pacesetter in the specialty retailer category. Their highly successful in-store, customer donation campaigns in the spring and fall (conducted in all Famous Footwear and Naturalizer stores) raise more than $1.25 million each year, with employees behind every dollar raised. Famous also collaborates with Dr. Scholl’s as the “Official Shoe Sponsor of March for Babies,” offering a collection of shoes benefiting March of Dimes that are available exclusively at Famous Footwear stores and online at  And, this Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, Famous Footwear, together with Crocs, is supporting the March of Dimes imbornto® campaign via a donation to March of Dimes for every pair of Crocs sold in store or online.  Famous Footwear’s parent company, Brown Shoe Company, engages headquarter’s employees through participation and support of March for Babies, too.  Since 1997, Famous Footwear customers and associates have contributed more than $12 million.


Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers congratulates the March of Dimes on 75 years of miracles. The March of Dimes has been a driving force committed to giving all babies a fighting chance for a healthy life, and Farmers has been proud to be a part of that fight for the past 25 years. Farmers employees and agents have worked together to raise nearly $40 million in support of the March of Dimes through March for Babies and Be a Hero for Babies Day. This year, Farmers has joined in support of the March of Dimes imbornto® campaign.

At Farmers, their agents were born to help you plan for what s ahead. We know that becoming a parent is a big step, and they’re here to help you get smart about insurance and find a smarter road-map to your family's future. Plus, Farmers imbornto® events allow agents and employees to further fundraise for their communities. As the nation’s third-largest personal lines property and casualty insurance group, Farmers is committed to improving the communities where their customers, agents and employees live and work and to continue to help get babies back where they belong – healthy and strong.



FedEx promotes a culture that values community service and good corporate citizenship. Since 1979, FedEx has supported the March of Dimes through participation in March for Babies. Each year FedEx employees contribute significant funds toward our common mission of "Deliveries, on Time."  In addition, they provide leadership on chapter boards and event committees. FedEx's generous in-kind donations and use of their #11 NASCAR to promote our brand allows the March of Dimes to reach a wide audience of prospective parents with important health messages. In 2013, FedEx began providing support for the March of Dimes Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers, an exciting new element to our long standing relationship.

First Response

A brand of Church & Dwight Co., Inc., First Response is the market leader in home pregnancy testing. Their national partnership aims to reach women of childbearing age and promote the importance of early pregnancy detection and prenatal care. Joint messaging, which is woven into tagged advertising, on-pack branding, literature/product displays and in-store promotion, focuses on informing women that the sooner they know they are pregnant, the sooner they can start giving their babies a healthy start.


Kmart Corporation

The March of Dimes is proud to recognize Kmart as the Foundation’s longest-standing corporate partner and largest contributor to its mission, having raised more than $110 million over the past 30 years. Kmart customer and associate contributions have reached levels yet to be attained by any corporation in our history. 2013 marks the 21st year that Kmart has been the exclusive national mass merchandise retail sponsor of March for Babies. Their partnership is part of Kmart for KidsSM, the umbrella program for Kmart’s philanthropic initiatives, which focuses on improving children’s health and wellness. The strength of the March of Dimes/Kmart partnership, the desire to ensure the health of all babies and the sheer passion and compassion of Kmart customers and associates continues to inspire us all.


Mission Pharmacal

This 60-year-old privately held pharmaceutical company partners with the March of Dimes to help raise awareness among women about the importance of folic acid intake prior to and during early pregnancy. Mission is the maker of the CitraNatal prenatal vitamin family of products. As a national sponsor of March for Babies, Mission Pharmacal is raising awareness through co-branded online advertising and on packaging, through literature/product displays in OB/GYN offices nationwide, and other promotional activities including the company’s Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment brand. The company’s headquarters employees and more than 180 sales representatives passionately support the March of Dimes through March for Babies participation.

Sanofi Pasteur

We are very excited to welcome actress Sarah Michelle Gellar to the Sounds of Pertussis® Campaign. Like so many moms in our community, Sarah’s top priority is her children’s health.
The Sounds of Pertussis Campaign is a national education campaign from March of Dimes and Sanofi Pasteur to help raise awareness about the potential dangers of pertussis, also known as whooping cough, and the importance of adult tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccination. Started in 2009, the Campaign continues to help educate parents, grandparents, caregivers and others in close contact with infants about the importance of getting vaccinated with an adult Tdap vaccine to help protect themselves and to help stop the spread of the disease to infants.
Pertussis is a highly contagious and often serious disease, especially in young children.1,2  In adolescents and adults it is usually presented as a severe cough that may last for weeks and even months.1, 2  The best way to help prevent pertussis is timely vaccination with the recommended pertussis vaccines.3
Babies start pertussis vaccinations at two months of age, but they may not be fully protected against the disease until they’ve had at least three doses of an infant DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis) vaccine.4,5
Researchers found that when it could be determined how an infant caught pertussis, family members were responsible for spreading the disease to the baby in up to 80 percent of cases. 5,6 More specifically, parents were responsible up to 50 percent of the time.5,6 That is why the primary goal is to educate parents, grandparents and caregivers on the importance of adult Tdap vaccination.
To learn more about pertussis and the Sounds of Pertussis Campaign, please visit On the website, you’ll find information, resources and educational tools, including the Campaign’s new Facebook application – the Breathing Room – that allows parents to send a brief message to family and friends in their Facebook network asking them to make the pledge to be vaccinated against pertussis. The Breathing Room is intended to help parents track which members of their child’s circle of care have been vaccinated against pertussis. Once family and friends in their Facebook network confirm their vaccination through the application, their Facebook profile picture is populated in to the parent’s virtual baby nursery. The goal is for adult caregivers to commit to being vaccinated and build their own Breathing Rooms to help stop the spread of the disease to the infants in their lives. Visit to start building your Breathing Room.


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United Airlines

For the past seven years, United Airlines has been a proud national sponsor of March for Babies and the official sponsor of the March of Dimes National Ambassador Program - an annual campaign, which started in 1946 that puts a face on the March of Dimes mission. United and its employees are committed to making the communities they serve a priority. With an employee base of 85,000 strong, United is helping the March of Dimes reach hundreds of thousands of families with important information about having full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. Also part of United Airlines’ sponsorship are in-kind services, advertising and promotion, engagement of their customers through in-flight and online media, and messaging to MileagePlus members.


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