Cigna prides itself on helping all the individuals it serves use their unique strengths to achieve their full potential. Its commitment to helping individuals improve their health and well-being is demonstrated by its 18 consecutive years as national partner of the March of Dimes and national sponsorship of March for Babies. The company and its employees have contributed more than $27 million to improve the health of babies and their families, and foster healthier communities. Additionally, Cigna's dedicated employees serve on local March of Dimes chapter boards and offer energetic support for March of Dimes special events throughout the year.

Most common questions

How does March of Dimes do as a brand?

March of Dimes is a premier nonprofit brand and a very strong nonprofit partner. The organization has a track record of achieving marketing and business objectives with its clients through its diverse portfolio of events and programs.

  • March of Dimes is #1 recognized major health charity by moms
  • March of Dimes is the #2 recognized major health charity by women

SOURCE: Gallup, 2008 and 2009

What standards does the March of Dimes go by?

March of Dimes strongly adheres to the standards of the National Health Council and the Better Business Bureau’s Standards for Charity Accountability

What's required to be a partner or sponsor?

All partnerships and sponsorships do require a letter of agreement (contract) before an affiliation or promotion is granted. A fact sheet is provided for reference and the Strategic Partnership Questionnaire is the first step in working together for stronger, healthier babies as a Partner or Sponsor.

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