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CNE activities

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The March of Dimes offers module packages on different topics to meet the ongoing educational needs of nurses working in maternal and infant health. The topics include:

  • Package 1: Perinatal cre of the low-risk woman
  • Package 2: Neonatal care
  • Package 3: Perinatal care of the high-risk woman
  • Package 4: Psychosocial issues
  • Package 5: Complete set of print nursing modules

Save 10 percent on prepackaged sets of nursing modules. Look for package 1 to 5 in the activities list to learn more.

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Recently released CNE activities

Kangaroo care in the NICU, part 2: Understanding the impact of kangaroo care beyond neonatal vital signs
(online article; 2.4 contact hours)
Builds on Kangaroo care in the NICU, part 1, including scenarios on feeding, transfer, infection, hyperbilirubinemia and parental engagement.

Kangaroo care in the NICU, part 1: Understanding the impact of kangaroo care on neonatal vital signs
(online article; 3.1 contact hours)
Clinical scenarios provide the evidence-based rationale and biobehavioral mechanisms of KC.

Taking the evidence-based case for kangaroo care into the clinical setting
(video; 2.0 contact hours)
Learn why kangaroo care should be offered early and often in NICUs.

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