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Corporate Partners

Our partners and sponsors make a commitment of their time and money to help babies get a healthy start, and play an integral role in advancing the March of Dimes mission through research, education and community service programs nationwide.
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Become a Partner

Thank you for your interest and desire to work with us for stronger, healthier babies. Companies like yours help us fund research, raise awareness and solve complex problems. 

The March of Dimes gratefully accepts contributions of any amount, and permission is not needed to make a gift. We also participate in partnerships that allow companies to identify themselves as being affiliated with the March of Dimes.

Why the March of Dimes?

The March of Dimes is one of the best-known and most respected nonprofit organizations in the country. We are the leading organization for pregnancy and baby health. March of Dimes is a premier nonprofit brand and a very strong nonprofit partner. The organization has a track record of achieving marketing and business objectives with its clients through its diverse portfolio of events and programs. The cause of babies is an extremely positive platform that can help your brand reach moms and other consumers. We have a track record of achieving marketing and business objectives with our clients through strategic partnerships and sponsorships.

How does March of Dimes do as a brand?

  • 94% name recognition among the general population
  • #2 named major health charity
  • #1 named major health charity by moms
  • One in four moms name March of Dimes first
  • 95% of moms know the March of Dimes
  • One of America's first (1938), best-loved and most respected nonprofit organizations

SOURCE: Results based on 2012 Harris Poll

How it works

Every partnership, sponsorship or promotion is different. We look forward to sharing our best practices and requirements and will work with you to create a promotion or campaign that does good and is good for business. All partnerships require a letter of agreement (contract) before an affiliation or promotion is permitted. The partnership questionnairewill help start the process and will give us a better understanding of your vision so discussions can begin. A completed questionnaire is required for partnership consideration. Review of your completed questionnaire may take up to 15 days. After approval, a contract typically takes an additional 30 days.

Strategic partnerships, promotions and sponsorships guidelines

National March of Dimes partnerships and most multi-market partnerships have a minimum investment of $100,000. The exact donation amount will be determined based upon the nature of the promotion, reach, benefits and expectations of both partners and other factors. Event sponsorships or partnerships have a different pricing structure. We sometimes find that a proposal is better suited for a local program or constitutes a small fundraiser rather than a strategic partnership. The March of Dimes has 51 chapters and more than 200 offices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. If your proposal is considered to be more appropriate for a local partnership, we will refer it to the chapter nearest you for consideration, and you will be contacted by a local representative. Any promotion that covers more than one of our chapters or is web based is considered a national partnership.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Events
  • March for Babies
  • Signature Chefs Auction & other Special Events
  • Cause marketing - imbornto® cause platform
  • Prematurity Campaign
  • NICU Family Support®
  • Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait®
  • Health education & promotion
  • Local community programs
  • Healthy Babies, Healthy Business®
  • Prenatal Care
  • World Prematurity Day


Any company seeking a partnership with the March of Dimes must have been in business for a minimum of a year. All companies are required to sign a contract that governs all programs, promotions, sponsorships and other strategic partnerships. Contracts protect both parties and clarify expectations.


A minimum contribution of 10 percent of the retail price for a product or service is necessary for a program or promotion that features the March of Dimes name or other licensed marks. Additionally, a minimum guaranteed donation of at least $100,000 is required. If your proposal involves a product, you must provide a sample. If your product is still in development, you also may provide drawings or photos. We will not approach current partners for distribution or sale of products or services.

Education and awareness

One of the primary objectives with all marketing and cause-related marketing programs is to ensure that consumers are provided with the best maternal and infant health information and a way to contact the March of Dimes for more information. You must agree to include the March of Dimes website and additional agreed-upon messaging on all promotion, event and program materials to educate the public and raise awareness of our mission.

Public service announcements

If the partnership includes plans for a public service announcement (PSA), the PSA may be distributed only during a mutually agreed-upon time frame, usually from June 15 to February 15. Television PSAs must include the March of Dimes logo and verbal mention of the March of Dimes.


If the partnership includes plans for an official spokesperson, the March of Dimes will need to review the plans and provide input on the selection. This is to ensure that messaging and information is accurate and consistently communicated with our guidelines.


The March of Dimes does not endorse specific products or brands. This must be disclosed on all packaging, advertising and promotional materials.


The March of Dimes meets the Standards of the National Health Council and operates under the Better Business Bureau guidelines for charitable giving. These guidelines require full disclosure to the consumer. In compliance with these guidelines and with applicable state laws, we require full disclosure regarding the benefit to the organization when funds are raised through a consumer purchase or promotion (e.g. $10 from the sale of each item) on all packaging, advertising and promotional materials in clear and unambiguous terms. Exact wording will be included in the contract.

Legal registration

March of Dimes is a New York not-for-profit corporation and is registered for the purpose of raising funds in all states that require such registration. Many state charity laws include regulations covering “commercial co-ventures” or “cause marketing” programs in which a business advertises that a charity will benefit from the sale of its products or services. A company that conducts a national or multi-location program or promotion with the March of Dimes may be required to register in certain states as a “commercial co-venturer.” A commercial co-venture is a relationship where a company (you) promotes a product or service and represents to the public that a portion of the proceeds will benefit a cause. If the product or service is being promoted in a state that requires commercial co-venture registration, you must file certain documents with the state’s Attorney General’s office (or other state-designated entity). The documents that must be filed vary from state to state, but will generally include registration statement and copy of the executed contract. The March of Dimes cannot give legal advice to companies that conduct programs or promotions with us; we do advise them to seek legal counsel to ensure that they comply with these registration requirements. We also may request a proof of registration.

A healthy idea

The March of Dimes can help you establish a maternal and infant health education program for your employees. Or we can help complement your existing worksite wellness program. Our no-charge, dynamic program, Healthy Babies Healthy Business can be customized to any setting.

See also:
 Partnership Questionnaire (PDF, 301kb)

A quarterly newsletter featuring March of Dimes programs and achievements, and the impact our loyal partners have in supporting our mission.

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