Letter to Ther-Rx dated April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011


Greg Divis
Ther-Rx Corporation
One Corporate Woods
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Dear Mr. Divis:

Thank you for meeting with my staff and others in Washington this week to consider the additional steps that are necessary to ensure that the price of Makena does not become a barrier to access to progesterone therapy to prevent preterm birth. We appreciate the time and thought that you have evidently invested into responding to our concerns, and look forward to hearing more from you very soon on those matters that were discussed in our meeting.

March of Dimes has appreciated your financial support for our fundraising events and the NICU Family Support Project over the past several years. However, under the current circumstances, we feel that it is in the best interests of the Foundation to step away from our corporate relationship.

We are, therefore, exercising our option to terminate our agreement with Ther-Rx Corporation, and hereby provide you with thirty days written notice of such termination. We ask that you immediately cease and desist the use, distribution or publication of or reference to the March of Dimes name and/or logo on any and all materials or communications in connection with KV Pharmaceuticals, Ther-Rx and Makena.

We will continue to pursue the interests of mothers and babies regarding the accessibility of this very important therapy. Access to 17-P is and always has been our paramount concern. We hope to continue to work with you to address the issues discussed by stakeholders over the last several weeks, and to ensure the intention you strongly expressed: that this therapy is accessible and affordable to all clinically eligible women.


Jennifer L. Howse, PhD

cc: Scott Goedeke
Vice President, Marketing

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