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Local programs

  • We work to improve the health of babies across the country.
  • Programs are aimed at supporting moms-to-be and professionals.
  • We offer comfort and support to families with a baby in the NICU.
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Impact of our work in communities

March of Dimes Foundation staff and volunteers working in every state, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico play a vital role in improving maternal and child health in their communities. March of Dimes chapters assess local maternal and child health needs and plan, fund, implement and assess the impact of community interventions to improve the health of mothers, infants and children. As respected leaders in the field of maternal and child health, March of Dimes program staff and volunteers are uniquely positioned to partner with local and state public and private health care systems to enhance and expand the services available to women and their families.

Chapter programs focus primarily on three broad areas: educating women and their families on how to have the healthiest possible pregnancy, either now or in the future, and educating health care professionals by providing continuing education on a variety of topics related to preconception health, prenatal care, and supporting families in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU); caring for pregnant women by ensuring they have access to quality prenatal care and services that may reduce the risk of poor birth outcomes; and supporting families whose babies are either born prematurely or have other conditions that require them to be admitted to the NICU.

March of Dimes Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait

Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait (HBWW) is a broad, comprehensive initiative developed by the March of Dimes to support the Foundation’s Prematurity Campaign. Through Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait, the March of Dimes addresses women’s health risks known to contribute to preterm birth and supports programs that have been shown to be effective in preventing preterm birth.

Chapters conduct Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait initiatives through one or more of the following components:

History milestones

From polio to prematurity: explore our history of protecting America's children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my organization apply for local March of Dimes funding?

Contact your local March of Dimes chapter to ask for a Request for Proposal (RFP). Each year chapters award community grants to support projects that address local perinatal needs in line with the chapter’s strategic plan. Proposals or Letters of Intent are usually due to the chapter in the late summer.

What March of Dimes events are happening near me?

The March of Dimes has been conducting special events for more than 60 years. These activities - formal balls, signature chef auctions and dinners, motorcycle rides, golf tournaments and March for Babies - help the March of Dimes fund cutting-edge research and innovative programs to save babies. With a wide variety to choose from, there is something for everyone! Contact your local chapter for a March of Dimes Special Event near you!

What programs does my local March of Dimes fund?

March of Dimes chapters support local projects aimed at helping women have healthier pregnancies. Funding from community grants enhances the availability and quality of health care and prevention services for women and their babies. For a list of specific programs funded in your state, please contact your local March of Dimes chapter.

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