Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait

More and more births are being scheduled a little early for non-medical reasons. Experts are learning that this can cause problems for both mother and baby.   The March of Dimes, Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Minnesota Hospital Association are working together on a public education campaign to educate women on why the last weeks of pregnancy count.

The message is simple.   If possible, it's best to stay pregnant for at least 39 weeks.  If your pregnancy is healthy, wait for labor to begin on its own.  Healthy babies are worth the wait.

This toolkit provides a summary of the resources available to support this public education campaign.  The resources include:

·         Web, social media and mobile tools

·         DVD & YouTube video with introduction from the Minnesota Dept. of Health Commissioner

·         Public Service Announcements

·         Letter to the Editor

·         Materials

Many women might not have a choice about when to have their baby. If there are problems with the pregnancy or the baby's health, delivery may need to happen earlier. But if you have a choice and you're planning to schedule your baby's birth, wait until at least 39 weeks.

You can find more information and resources at  For additional information contact Martha Overby at the March of Dimes at or 612-326-9443.

Social Media

Free app available in the App Store: search CineMama.  CineMama is a fun tool created by March of Dimes to help women document their pregnancy.  The last few weeks of pregnancy are crucial to your baby’s development, so celebrate them all with CineMama. 

CineMama includes an interactive way to document your pregnancy with a time-lapse video, diary entries, ways to share milestones with family and friends as well as weekly health information.

Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait DVD

This DVD illustrates what’s happening in the baby’s development in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  The video shows the risks of scheduling a birth, from the medicine not working during labor induction, to problems that can arise for mom and baby during a C-section.  This video also provides questions women should ask their health care provider. This video can be shown in waiting rooms, during prenatal classes and in other areas to reach parents-to-be.  The video is also available electronically and can be linked on websites and social media.


Why babies need time


Don’t rush your baby’s birthday


Questions to ask your health care provider


Additional free DVDs are available from the Minnesota Chapter.  Contact Martha Overby, or 612-326-9443.

Letter to the Editor

What should my letter say?

The letter template is designed to come from a doctor, nurse or health representative.


Where do I send it?

Many letters to the editor can be submitted electronically.  Most papers have a link for submitting a letter to the editor under the Contact Us or About Us tab.  You can also send the letter through regular mail.


How do I submit it?

Some newspapers have an online form that requests the body of the letter, address and other contact info.  Just fill in the required fields.  Other newspapers provide an email address.  Simply email your letter with your contact information.  Newspapers require that letters to the editor include a name, address and phone number. 


How will I know if it will run?

Most papers will contact you before running the letter to verify you submitted it.

Material Supplies

If you have any questions, contact Danielle Prenevost, director of communications at 612-326-9444 or  

To order supplies from the March of Dimes call (800) 367-6630 or visit


To get more information, contact Martha Overby, Minnesota Chapter Director of Programs and Government Affairs,, 612-326-9444.


Brain Development Flyer.  For consumers.  Two sided palm card with brain images in context.  English and Spanish.


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Why the Last Weeks of Pregnancy Count brochure. Bilingual  English/Spanish.



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HBWW baby poster



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Pregnancy Wheel


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Buttons and pins

To order the button go to:


Intended as conversation starters between provider and patients.


See also: Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait - Minnesota Toolkit(PDF,721.71kb)