Gift of stock

Giving appreciated assets is one of the most tax-efficient ways to make charitable donations.

You can make your gift online in under five minutes. Simply fill out the form* and email to

*Having a copy of your investment firm account statement available will expedite this process. We process stock donations from any U.S. investment firm. We also process mutual fund donations if they are held at one of these participating investment firms:

A.G. Edwards
American Express Brokerage
Brokerage America*
Brown & Company
Charles Schwab
E*TRADE Financial*
Edward Jones
Empire Financial Group*
Fidelity Investments*
Investrade Discount Securities
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Muriel Siebert
PNC Investments
Prudential Securities
Quick & Reilly*
RBC Dain Rauscher
Salomon Smith Barney
TD Waterhouse*
UBS PaineWebber
Vanguard Group*
Wachovia Securities

*These firms require your LOI to be mailed rather than faxed and may require certification. Your LOI will contain specific instructions for completing your gift.

The gift transfer process will begin immediately upon receipt of your signed Letter of Instruction (LOI). For stocks and mutual funds held at most participating investment firms, faxing your LOI will allow for expedited handling of your gift, where most gifts are completed within 24 hours of receipt of the LOI.

If your firm is not listed, you may still use our service to process your stock gift via a DTC transfer. You will be required to enter your investment firm’s contact information. Your Letter of Instruction (LOI) may require notarized certification; check with your investment firm for its requirements. If your mutual fund is not held at a participating firm listed above, please contact our development office for instructions on making an offline gift.

Most common questions

What if I don’t want to make a donation online?

If you don't want to donate online, you can donate over the phone, mail us, or fax us. To donate by phone, please have your credit card ready and call:


To send a donation via mail or fax, follow these easy steps:

1. Download our donation form.
2. Print a copy of the form.
3. Fax or mail a completed copy along with your check to:

Fax: (914) 997-4537

March of Dimes
attn: DRFR
1275 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605

What if I want to make a donation on behalf of someone I know?

You can make your donations in honor of or in memory of a special someone. You can also create a band through banding together to remember or celebrate someone you love.

Where does my money go?

Help moms and babies in your community. Donate your car, truck, van, bus, boat or motorcycle to the March of Dimes and keep us on the road to finding out what causes premature birth and birth defects. Fast, free towing from all 50 states! To ensure that your donated vehicle is headed in the right direction, follow these tips:

  • Donate only to charities with a name you know and trust. Be careful of confusing legitimate charities with others that have soundalike names.
  • Check that the charity receives at least 70% of the proceeds from donated vehicles.
  • Confirm that your vehicle will be handled by licensed and insured tow companies and dealers.
  • Limit your liability: Sign the title directly to the charity or their agent. Never leave the title blank!
  • Ask how the funds will be spent.  The March of Dimes Foundation spends 76% of activities on research, community services, education and advocacy to save babies lives.

For further information call 888-898-1144 or donate your car online today!

Thank you for your donation.

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