Caring for your baby

Once your baby’s home, the real work begins! Learn all the basics of baby care, like how to change your baby’s diaper and give her a bath. Bring her to all her well-baby checkups to make sure she’s healthy.

Feeding your baby

Feedings help your baby grow healthy and strong! Learn how to breastfeed and why breast milk is so good for babies. Find out how to make bottle-feeding safe and get ready for solid foods!

Common illnesses

When your baby’s sick, you just want to make her feel better! Learn about illnesses, like ear infections or the flu. Find out how to care for your baby and know when it’s time to call her health care provider for help.

Family health & safety

Keep your family healthy and safe at home and on the go! Buy health insurance to help pay for medical care. And learn how to babyproof your home, avoid harms (like secondhand smoke) and travel safely with your baby.